Allen Walker

Character Name: Allen Walker
Series: D.Gray-man
Outfit: Exorcist uniform

Started: October 2006
Finished: November 2006
Hours to make: 30+
Cost of materials: approx. $130+ (Can.)
Status: Retired
Worn at: Halloween 2006, AC-Cubed 2006, Otakon 2007

General Comments:

When I started reading D.Gray-man, Allen was immediately my favorite character and I really liked the exorcist coat design. A lot of the costume was rushed in order to get it finished by Halloween and there are still a couple of details on the costume that need to be made (the hood and remake the sleeve cuffs). The coat was a lot harder to make than I thought it would be, and I'm not terribly happy with the results.

Costume Construction:

The jacket, pants and boots were all made out of the same black material. I think it was a thick cotton, but I could be wrong. All of the white lining was done with white bias tape. The bigger white parts were made out of scrap polyester I had lying around. The buttons were made with Model Magic and the cross was made out of thin plywood. Both the white and red gloves were bought separately. The red glove was then painted with black fabric paint and fake nails were stuck on it.

This was the first time I tried making a nice pair of pants with a zipper at the front. I don't think they turned out terribly. I made them a little loose, but that's nothing I can't fix with a little modifying and a belt. The boot covers came out fairly nicely. The only things that bothered me about them were that they kept falling down and I glued them on the shoes really weirdly.

The coat. Urgh. Biggest pain in the ass ever. I still don't know how the top of that coat is supposed to fit together even after finishing the costume. The white things on the arms were probably the hardest thing to sew on because I put shoulder pads under them so it looked more like "armor".