anise tatlin

Character Name: Anise Tatlin
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Outfit: Default Outfit

Started: November 2009
Finished: May 2010
Hours to make: 71
Cost of materials: approx. $112 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Anime North 2010, Otakon 2010

Some friends and I wanted to put a Tales of the Abyss group together, and I decided on Anise because I thought she'd be a lot of fun to cosplay. I'm quite proud with how the costume turned out. There are a few things I need to tweak to make it more comfortable to wear though.

The dress was made out of some fabric from the bargain bin. The purple cuffs were made with scrap fabric left over from another costume. The cape was made with a white twill and some kind of mauve lining. The designs were all hand painted, while the trim on both the dress and the cape were made with bias tape. The socks were bought, and the shoes were modified using foam, gesso, and wonderflex.

I wanted to make Tokunaga detacheable without any snaps/velcro/ect showing on the cape if I took him off. Thus, I decided to use powerful magnets to keep him secured on me. The wig was an Angela 750 that was heavily modified using stubbing and foamcore.