Athrun Zala

Character Name: Athrun Zala
Series: Gundam SEED
Outfit: ZAFT uniform

Started: October 2004
Finished: October 2004
Hours to make: 80
Cost of materials: approx. $100 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Halloween 2004

General Comments:

Athrun Zala was the first costume I ever made so it holds a special place in my heart even though it didn't turn out terriby well. I chose to do Athrun because I had just gotten into Gundam SEED and I loved the ZAFT uniform. Athrun was my favorite ZAFT member (and character at the time), so it was an easy choice.

Costume Construction:

Jacket:The jacket and pants were made out of red and black polyester. The black trims were done with bias tape and the yellow parts were done with some random scraps of material I had lying around at home. The collar together with velcro.

Belt:The belt was made out of white foam covered in white material which was also held together by velcro.

Boot covers: The boots were made using my old school shoes with white boot covers.

Wig Styling:

Since this was my first foray into cosplay, I hadn't yet learned the concept of good and bad quality wigs and ended up buying a cheap party/halloween quality wig.