Aura Blackquill

Character Name: Aura Blackquill
Series: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
Outfit: Default

Started: December 2013
Finished: August 2014
Hours to make: 66
Cost of materials: approx. $205 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2014, Anime USA 2014

General Comments:

I've always loved the Ace Attorney games so when Dual Destinies was announced, I knew that cosplay from the game was going to happen. I really liked Aura's character and her design, so this was a no brainer decision for me.

The costume itself is still kind of a WIP due to the lack of time I had before Otakuthon. I need to fix up the gun, the pouch, and potentially the wig.

Costume Construction:

Dress: The dress gave me more trouble than I thought it would. I ended up making it twice, and I'm still not completely happy with it for various reasons. I cut it way too short which kind of screwed up the proportioning, and I'm not super happy with the way it drapes (poor fabric choice on my part). The pink shoulder parts are made out of thick interfacing covered in upholstry vinyl. The buttons are made out of those buttons you can cover in fabric, covered in Model Magic.

Belt & Holster: The belt and gun holster are made out of a thick interfacing covered in the same upholstry fabric as the shoulder parts.

Gloves: The gloves are made out of a nice black pleather I found. The button screws were smaller versions of the ones made for the dress.

Misc: The tights were purchased at Winners, the shoes I already owned and the visor was purchased on Etsy.

Wig Styling:

The wig was made out of two wigs. I used the first one as a base and the second one was used to harvest wefts off of. Wefts were sewn around the edge of the wig and around the bangs so that I had more to work with when parting the bangs to the side. The wefts were also used to wrap around the foam base for the "bunny ears". I wanted to try and keep the base wig its original length so that I could recycle it later if I wanted to, so the bunny ears are actually one piece that I pulled the base wig hair through which was twisted into a bun and then covered with fabric.


I really wish I'd had more time to construct the gun as it's not as nice/smooth as I would have liked it to be. The main clear tube was a container I found at the dollar store, which was then filled with resin. Unfortunately, the plastic was kind of thin, so the resin ended up warping the tube a bit. The tube was then wrapped in Model Magic and papier macher to give it more shape. The base of the gun is made out of foam as are the pink parts near the tip. The back is mounted on a piece of wood and the rounded part at the back is made out of papier macher as well.