darry adai

Character Name: Darry Adai
Series: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Outfit: Time-skip Pilot Suit

Started: June 2009
Finished: July 2009
Hours to make: 68
Cost of materials: approx. $100 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2009

After being coerced into watching TTGL, I absolutely loved it despite my initial doubts. While Darry isn't my favorite character on the show, I liked her enough. The two reasons why I decided to make her costume were: a) I wanted to try my hand at a flight/pilot suit and b) she's severely undercosplayed. There are many parts of the finished product that could have been better executed had I put more thought into it. Overall, I'd say the costume came out okay.

I was having trouble findind good reference pictures for her, which made it quite difficult to figure out how her outfit is supposed to go together (it still baffles me). In the end, I made the white part all one piece. The body suit was made out of what was either a medium-weight lycra or a medium-weight cotton knit. The red parts were made out of a matted red, stretch vinyl, while the orange parts were made out of an orange stretch vinyl. The yellow stars were made out of upholstery vinyl, while the gray rectangles were all a thick interfacing covered in upholstery vinyl I had left over from a previous costume.

Working with vinyl proved to be a pain for me as you have to be really delicate with it or else it'll start to rip. You also don't have much leway for screwing up as once there is a hole in the fabric, it will never go away.

Everything was held together with a ridiculous amount of snaps and/or glue depending on the piece. The wig was also a pain to wear because the hair kept falling in my face or getting caught on the collar.