emmy altava

Character Name: Emmy Altava
Series: Professor Layton
Outfit: Default

Started: January 2012
Finished: February 2012
Hours to make: 21
Cost of materials: approx. $106 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Katsucon 2012, Otakon 2012

I love the Professor Layton games, and I ended up really liking Emmy's character. I decided to cosplay her pretty last minute before Katsucon when I found the material for her coat while shopping for fabric for other costumes. The costume wasn't hard to make, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

The white button down shirt was previously made for another costume. I had originally bought a bowtie online, but it didn't come before Katsucon, so I ended up making it out of scrap fabric I had lying around. I modified a blazer pattern to make her jacket. I'm not sure what kind of material it is. The pants were made out of stretch denim. The pouch was made out of heavy interfacing and some scrap brown pleather. Finally, the wig, the belt and the camera were all purchased either on eBay or Taobao.