Mukahi Gakuto

Character Name: Mukahi Gakuto
Series: Prince of Tennis
Outfit: Hyotei Tennis Regular Outfit

Started: March 2006
Finished: June 2006
Hours to make: 16
Cost of materials: approx. $84 (Can.)
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakuton 2006, Otakon 2006

Gakuto wasn't my favorite character, but he was closest to my height and I wanted to have a reddish wig. Haha. I was also making it because a group of us were going to perform one of the Tenimyu skits at Otakon, but that fell through. I thought the costume came out pretty well. I got a little better at modifying polos. I just never got around to finishing the jacket...again...

The shirt was a modified polo that I bought. The black collar was made out of leftover material from Ryoma's shorts. I wanted it to be slightly stiff material because I really didn't like the way my Ryoma collar came out. The blue parts were added on myself and the white dot was a piece of felt. It took me a while to decide how I would put the black lines on the shirt. In the end, I decided to paint them on with fabric paint. To keep the lines as straight as possible, I used tape. The shorts were made from scratch. It wasn't a difficult task or one that I spent much time on.

The wig was the first thing I got when I started this costume. It was a little long, so I cut it. The back of it was a little wavy, most likely due to the way it was packed. Anyway, it really bugged me, so I tried straightening it with hot water. That didn't work, so I tried a straightener.