Character Name: Gwendolyn
Series: Odin Sphere
Outfit: Default

Started: October 2016
Finished: August 2017
Hours to make: 177
Cost of materials: approx. $630 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2017

General Comments:

My boyfriend picked up the game and we both ended up loving it. Gwendolyn was hands down my fave. She is both adorable and badass, and I love her character design. This costume was a trial in patience, but I'm overall relatively happy with how this turned out. The leg armor didn't stay on properly so I have to find a better way to attach it though.

Costume Construction:

Wings: The wings were made out of worbla. I drafted the general shape I wanted on paper, traced out each individual feather on parchment paper, and then traced and cut them out on the worbla sheets. I then heated each feather and pressed the lines into them to give them a more realistic look. The feathers were then glued onto a foam base. The back ends of the wings were reinforced with papier macher to ensure the structure was sturdy enough. The feathers were painted using acrylics. I then attached the wings to me using a harness made out of straps and buckles (3 buckles per wing).

Dress: The white parts of the dress were made out of a polyester suiting. The purple center was a plain cotton and the gold part was a stretchy gold metallic fabric. The bottom of the dress was a circle skirt to give it the volume I wanted it to have, that was then hemmed to the right length (so it ended up being more oval shaped).

Skirt: The under part of the skirt (the part that gave it the poof/volume) was made by multiplying a bustle pattern so that I had two for my hips and one in front and one in back. The skirt itself was made out of some scrap black fabric I had to give it the basic shape. The flaps(?) were made out of a black pleather sandwiched between a heavy interfacing. They were then sewn on to the base of the skirt and each one was studded with a dome stud. The top part of the skirt was a strip of black chiffon that was draped and then hand sewn down onto the base skirt.

Boots, shoes and armor: The boots were made out of a black pleather that were attached to a pair of nude tights to help them stay up. The armor was made out of craft foam and worbla, which was then primed with Gesso. The armor was painted with silver and metallic purple spray paint and then aged with black paint. The leg armor pieces were attached together using a glue gun, and then the pieces were secured to me with velcro.

Accessories: The head accessories was made using worbla and craft foam. The band was just a strip of craft foam covered in worbla and then painted black. The ear flaps were made using the same technique as the wings. The crown was made using the sandwich method with foam and worbla. The different parts were glue gunned together. Finally, mini hair combs were glued to the headband to be able to secure it to my head. The black parts of the arm bands were made out of the same black pleather as the boots and skirt. The white parts of the arm bands were made out of leather and attached using velcro.

Wig Styling:

The wig was a Phoebe in Classic White from Epic Cosplay Wigs. The bangs of the base wig were cut. The ponytail was stubbed and then the wefts from the detachable ponytail were harvested for the bun. The bun was made out of a styrafoam ball covered in the half of the wefts and then glued to the wig. The other hal of the harvested wefts were used for the braid that goes around the bun.


The base of the staff was made out of a wooden pole and PVC piping ends. The detailing on the ends of the black part of the staff were made out of aluminum foil, covered in worbla, primed ?with Gesso, and then painted black. The gem was made out of transparent worbla dyed blue. I also coated it in Krylon's glass spray paint. I made the mistake of spraying the inside of it which resulted in streaks I couldn't get rid of. The staff is lit up using LED lights.