Hinamori Momo (red & white jacket)

Character Name: Hinamori Momo
Series: Bleach
Outfit: Red and white jacket

Started: September 2005
Finished: March 2006
Hours to make: 16
Cost of materials: approx. $25 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: N/A

General Comments:

A group of people suggested making this costume on cosplay.com's Bleach Otakon 2005 thread as a way of recognizing each other in the pre-reg line. It was too late for me to start another project back then, but I thought it was a cool idea and I liked the costume design, so I figured I could make it for the next year instead.

There's only one reference picture for this costume and Hinamori isn't in it, so I got to take some of my own creative liberties. The jacket was of the same design as the ones in the pictures (minus the pockets), but instead of giving her pants, I gave her a pleated skirt. I also changed her bun cover to red with a white ribbon to match the color scheme of the rest of the outfit.

It was my first time trying to draft something with this particular type of arm seamline which gave me more difficulties than I thought it would. In the end, I wasn't too happy with the finished product.