irene adler

Character Name: Irene Adler
Series: Sherlock
Outfit: BBC series - white dress

Started: June 2012
Finished: July 2012
Hours to make: 20
Cost of materials: approx. $204 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2012

Irene was done as a very spur of the moment costume. My reasoning behind making it (other than my love for the show and the character) was that I could use it as an actual work outfit if I made it right.

The dress was drafted by modifying two different dress patterns. I believe I used a suiting fabric which was then lined. The lining needs to be fixed up before wearing it again. All of the accessories were bought. The wig I had originally ordered for the costume never came in, so I ended up using my Gwen wig.