Karren Stadtfeld

Character Name: Karren Stadtfeld
Series: Code Geass
Outfit: Asford Academy School Uniform

Started: April 2007
Finished: July 2007
Hours to make: 19
Cost of materials: approx. $100 (Can.)
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2007

I love Code Geass and Karren is one of my favorite characters. I quickly took a liking to their school uniform, so it was an easy choice. The one part of the this costume I can say I truly hate is the wig. So many things went wrong with it that I was so close to just chucking it and making a new one. If I ever cosplay her again, that's what I'm probably going to do.

The wig was originally bought off of eBay. It was nice and smooth and silky soft until I dyed it. Half of the wig wouldn't take the dye in. It is now rought and impossible to comb through. The dye job was extremely uneven and it still runs a little. I also cut the wig a little shorter than I should have.

The tie was bought online. It was cut and the logo was painted on using acrylics and a fabric paint medium. The white dress shirt was yet another one of my old school shirts. The thigh high socks were also purchased online. I only realized after I ordered them that Karren's socks were not a pale green/blue, but in fact white. Oh well.

The jacket was made out of yellow cotton and some black scraps I had. All of the lining was bias tape. It wasn't as troublesome to make as I thought it would be. I would have liked to have made it a little longer than I did. The skirt was made out of left over black material from another costume.