Sumeragi Kururu

Name: Sumeragi Kururu
Series: Air Gear
Outfit: Tool Toul To School Uniform

Started: December 2007
Finished: April 2008
Hours to make: 22
Cost of materials: approx. $112 (Can.)
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2008

I absolutely adore Kururu, and I really wanted to cosplay something from Air Gear. Thus, it was an obvious choice to make. It was a a fairly simple costume; perfect for working on whenever I got the chance during the school year. Overall, I really like the way it came out. The one nitpick I'd make about it is the wig. I dislike working with long wigs, and I couldn't style it just quite right.

Kururu's outfit was never officially released in color, so I got to play with the colors a bit. There was a figurine that was released a while back, and I decided to base the colors off of that. The one difference I made was the color of her hair. While the figurine had blond hair, as that was what most people though her hair color was, Oh Great! finally released a cover with her on it, and I found out that her hair color is in fact, pink.

The wig was purchased off of ebay. The white bobby pins were bought off of there as well. The cross clip was made out of Model Magic, and then I glue-gunned two bobby pins on the back to stick in on the wig. The socks were old school socks, and the shoes were from previous cosplay. The skirt and top were made out of an off-white cotton, while the cardigan was made out of a navy cotton. The purple lining is ribbon that was glued onto the fabric.

I am immensly happy with the way the colar turned out. I was debated whether or not I should make it one piece, but in the end, my worries were for nothing. There wasn't anything about the costume that was particularly difficult to make, but trying to get the material to hold pleats was a bitch.