Character Name: Lavenza
Series: Persona 5
Outfit: Default

Started: June 2017
Finished: August 2017
Hours to make: 57
Cost of materials: approx. $220 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2017, Otakon 2017

General Comments:

This happened because I am totally the type of person to cosplay a character that literally appears for 5 hours out of a 110 hour game lol. That and Lavenza is super adorbs.

Costume Construction:

Dress: I'm not super sure what types of fabric the dress was made out of. They both kind of look and feel like ponte di roma, but I have no idea what they actually are. Anyway, trying to get the proportions and the seams on this dress right was a bit of a challenge. I first tried frankensteining an existing dress pattern before deciding that patterning it from scratch would be easier. The dress was made in two parts. The black turtleneck part and the blue dress were made as two individual pieces and were then hand sewn together. The four front buttons were made using the blue fabric and worbla scraps. They were then sewn to the dress. The Velvet Room logo was painted on.

Bloomers: The bloomers were made out of a black suiting fabric that I had lying around. I essentially just made super wide shorts that went down to around knee length and then gathered the waist and leg holes with elastics. The ribbon around the bottom were secured by sewing down a portion of it to the bloomers. I didn't have a huge amount of time to work with to find a "best way" to get the poof, so I ended up wearing a petticoat under the bloomers.

Shoes & spats: The shoes were purchased off of AliExpress. The spats were made out of a white stretch cotton sateen, elastic, and black buttons. I made a cast of my leg and the shoes using ductape in order to get a relatively fitted/snug fit for the spats. They were held up using a garter belt and stayed secured to my feet with an elastic that was sewn to the bottom that went around the arch of the shoes.

Accessories: The gloves were made out of the same fabric as the black parts of the dress. I made them the cheap way (tracing your hand/arm). The headband was made out of foam, the same blue fabric as the dress, black lace, and worbla. The base was made out of foam covered in the blue fabric. The black lace trim was hand sewn to the band. The flowers were made out of scrap worbla and the butterfly wings were made out of foam.

Wig Styling:

The wig is a Silky Luthien in Bleach Blonde. The wig was straightened and trimmed.


The book was built out of foam board, craft foam, and worbla. The challenge to this was that I wanted to make it openable and sturdy enough that I could put all my stuff in it as an alternative to carrying a purse with me all day. The base that would make up the inside of the book was made out of foam board. The outside of the foam board base was also covered in worbla that was scored to make it look more like pages of a book.The cover was made out of craft foam and the beveled detailing on the cover was done using a combination of craft foam and worbla scraps. The cover was then covered in worbla. Everything was painted, and then the base and the cover were then glued together.