Character Name: Lucina
Series: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Outfit: Default

Started: January 2013
Finished: August 2013
Hours to make: 94
Cost of materials: approx. $165 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakon 2013, Otakuthon 2013

I love the Fire Emblem games and Awakening was no exception to that. To be honest, I really want to cosplay everyone from the game, haha. I ended up deciding on Lucina since she's one of my favorite characters and I really like her design.

I had a really difficult time deciding on what colors to use since it changes from picture to picture and I had started working on the costume before the game got released in North America. I'm pretty content with what I ended up with, however, I wish the blue I used for the boots and gloves were a tad lighter.

The wig was bought from Fantasy Sheep on Taobao and extra wefts were sewn in to make it thicker. It was then styled by my friend Steph. The armor and mask were made out of a combination of leathe and craft foam and were also made by Steph and painted by me. The crown was made out of craft foam which was mounted onto a headband. The sword was made by my dad.