Character Name: Luna
Series: Virtue's Last Reward
Outfit: Default

Started: January 2013
Finished: August 2013
Hours to make: 52
Cost of materials: approx. $56 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakon 2013, Otakuthon 2013

I love the Zero Escape series and Luna was one of my favorites from VLR. I already had some of the fabric I'd need, so I figured it was a good excuse to make the cosplay.

The vest, skirt and apron were made using fabrics I had left over from other costumes. I don't remember what type of fabric the vest was but the purple was a cotton stretch sateen. I had wanted the skirt to have a bit of movement to it and a bit of volume which is why I went with a circle skirt. In retrospect an a-line skirt would have been more appropriate. The shirt was made out of a stretch popelin and the grey ruffles were made out of a thin cotton. All of the white designs (on the shirt and apron) were painted on. The purple designs one the sleeves were done using Heat and Bond and then carefully fray-stopped around the edges with fabric glue.

The necklace was bought off of ebay. I recycled the socks from an old costume and dyed them the appropriate color. The shoes were made out of a pair of old sandals I covered in white upholstry vinyl. The watch was made by friend Steph.

The wig was purchased off of ebay. I made a sort of hair roll out of orange fleece that was stuffed in order to get the volume for the bottom roll of Luna's hair. The bottom half of the hair in the wig was then rolled onto the hair roll and was then pinned in place. The top half of the wig was used to make the braids.