Maya Fey

Character Name: Maya Fey
Series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice
Outfit: Default

Started: April 2016
Finished: August 2016
Hours to make: 36
Cost of materials: approx. $227 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2016

General Comments:

The Ace Attorney series's has always been a love of mine and when Maya was announced for GS6, I knew I had to cosplay her. Overall, I'm happy with how the cosplay turned out. There are a few parts that need to be redone (necklace and hair accessories) or finished (poncho thingy) as I ran out of time to do them justice before Otakuthon.

Costume Construction:

Yukata: The yukata was made out of a suiting fabric instead of cotton because I preferred the drape. The pink neckline was made using some cotton sateen scraps I had lying around.

Jacket: The purple jacket was made out of cotton. I was admittedly very indecisive about the shade of purple I wanted to go with before settling on what I used.

Obi & bow: The obi and bow were made out of this two way stretch fabric I found. In retrospect, this probably wasn't the smartest idea as I made it borderline too loose on me, but I digress. The obi was made by sewing thinner strips of fabric onto a larger rectangle in order to replicate the "layers" of fabric being wrapped around my waist. The obi was then attached at the back using Velcro. The bow was lined with a medium-heavy interfacing in order to keep the shape and then sewed onto the obi.

Accessories: The necklace was made out of styrafoam balls covered in model magic and the magatama was made fully out of model magic. The necklace was honestly a rush job and will have to be remade at some point as I'm not terribly happy with the end result. The wrist ties were made out of a purple elastic that was cut and sewed into the appropriate shape. Finally the geta were purchased off of Aliexpress.

Wig Styling:

The wig was purchased off of Epic Cosplay Wigs. You can see my full review of the wig here. The bangs and sides were trimmed. Some of the hair on the sides were then pulled into a topnot. The remainder of the hair was then tied together. The front hair balls were made out of styrafoam balls that were then covered in model magic and painted. The topnot tie and ponytail ties were also originally made out of model magic, but had fallen/got lost before the shoot. They will have to be remade at some point...