mikado ryugamine

Character Name: Mikado Ryugamine
Series: Durarara!!
Outfit: School Uniform

Started: September 2011
Finished: February 2012
Hours to make: 23
Cost of materials: approx. $91 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Katsucon 2012

The Durarara anime was kind of up and down for me, and I didn't really get into the series until after I started reading the light novel translations. Mikado is my favorite character, and he isn't cosplayed super often, so I thought it would be a fun cosplay to do.

The costume as a whole wasn't particularly difficult. I already owned the white button-down shirt and the shoes. The necktie was bought off of ebay. The suit was made out of galaxy twill. I was trying out a new pants pattern but I couldn't get them to fit as nicely as I would have liked. Also, I somehow managed to mess up the collar on the blazer.

The wig was purchased off of Taobao and then trimmed. The cellphone was made out of a scrap piece of wood and the cellphone charm was made out of Sculpey.