Sakuraba Neku (Lolita Version)

Character Name: Neku Sakuraba
Series: The World Ends with You // Subarashiki Kono Sekai
Outfit: Lolita dress

Started: May 2008
Finished: July 2008
Hours to make: 42
Cost of materials: approx. $30 (Can.)
Status: Retired
Worn at: At home

The costume idea spawned from a skit idea my friend and I came up with that we were planning on doing for Otakuthon 2008. The skit required Neku to be in a dress, and I wanted to try and find a picture of him crossdressing in official art somewhere. I eventually found him in a dress in the two-shot manga, and this lolita dress was born. Needless to say, the skit fell through in the end, but I'd made the costume before we made the decision.

The reason this costume took so long to make is because I made all the bias tape and the frills from scratch. All the pinning and ironing took forever. It was not fun. Making all the button holes on the skirt to slip the ribbon through was no joyous task either. About 85-90% of the costume was made out of material I had lying around from previous costumes. I must have used something like...3 different types of black material that were similar. The only noticeable things I had to buy were the ribbon and the lace I think...

I liked that I had a bit of creative leeway in terms of colors and the top of the dress design since it's covered in the only picture the dress is shown. The way it fits is probably what I like the least about this costume. There are so many things about it that I can nit pick at, such as how the top part of the dress fits, how uneven the skirt is, and how the black panels on top of the skirt made it less poofy than I would have liked. I did like the way my bonnet headphones turned out though. <3