Yazawa Nico

Character Name: Yazawa Nico
Series: Love Live! School Idol Project
Outfit: Yume no Tobira

Started: March 2015
Finished: August 2015
Hours to make: 54
Cost of materials: approx. $192 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2015

General Comments:

Love Live has been one of my guilty pleasures, and I've been wavering on cosplaying something from it since season one came out. I finally caved when Yume no Tobira came out. The outfits were too cute to pass up!

Costume Construction:

Dress, shawl & collar: The dress was made out of crepe. A white underlayer was added for the white ruffle layer and an invisible zipper was sewn onto the side. The shawl was made out of a gorgeous two tone chiffon. I had attempted to poly dye the shawl to get the purple gradient effect, however it unfortunately didn't work out very well. Finally the collar was made out of the dress fabric covered in a layer of the shawl fabric, and snaps at the back.

Flower Crown: The flower crown was made out of flower bunches purchased at the dollar store. The flowers were cut off individually leaving a couple of inches of the stem which was bent to loop around each other.

Gloves: The gloves were made out of some scrap lycra. The edges were dabbed with fabric glue to prevent fraying.

Misc: The earrings were bought on Taobao and the shoes and socks were bought on AliExpress.

Wig Styling:

I started with a ponytail wig as the base. I took out the pigtails and tried resizing it using Envel's tutorial. Honestly, I dont' know how much of a difference it made as the wig was still pretty big on me (I'm assuming I should have taken it in more). The wefts that were removed were sewn onto the front of the wig to create the longer bangs Nico has on one side. The pigtails were put back up and then made in to buns. Hairbuns were then put on top of the buns created from the pigtails. Finally, the bangs were trimmed.