Romeo Montague

Character Name: Romeo Montague
Series: Romeo x Juliet
Outfit: Formal wear

Started: April 2008
Finished: August 2008
Hours to make: 46
Cost of materials: approx. $120 (Can.)
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2008

The Romeo x Juliet anime was gorgeous and I really liked a lot of the character designs. I was debating between Red Whirlwind and Romeo, but Romeo won out. <3 It wasn't an overly difficult costume to make, and I'm satisfied with the end result.

The wig was bought off of Cosworx, and then custom dyed. The gloves and boots were bought off of ebay. The leggings were bought at Limite. The brown belt was scrap material I had lying around the house. All the props were made out of Model Magic and then painted. The white and light blue material were also scraps that I had lying around from old costumes. The scarf was made out of a light cotton, the blue for the long shirt was a polyester (I think), and the blue overcoat was a very nice swede. All of the bias tape was made by me.

I wasn't particularly happy with the way the white collar holds up, but oh well. The boots really hurt my feet after a few hours too.