morimi saki

Character Name: Morimi Saki
Series: Eden of the East
Outfit: Red coat outfit

Started: September 2010
Finished: September 2010
Hours to make: 22
Cost of materials: approx. $50
Status: Active
Worn at: At home

I love Eden of the East and I'd been debating on cosplaying Saki ever since. The contest over at ACP kicked my butt into gear, and I finally got around to making it.

The coat was made out of a brushed wool. I'm not going to lie, it was a rushed job, and there are parts of it that I definitely could have made better. The scarf and the white parts around the boots were made out of polar fleece that I had lying around. The turtleneck was made out of a cotton knit and the skirt was made out of a few layers of stretch popelin. The had was made with pleather and broadcloth as a lining. I didn't pattern out the hat very well as I didn't get the shape I wanted, but it'll make due for now at least. I already owned the pants, wig, and boots.