Isuzu Sento

Character Name: Isuzu Sento
Series: Amagi Brilliant Park
Outfit: Default

Started: January 2016
Finished: August 2016
Hours to make: 84
Cost of materials: approx. $145 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2016

General Comments:

My boyfriend stumbled upon this anime about a year prior and proceeded to make me and a few of his friends watch it. I must say that I was skeptical about it first, but ended up really enjoying it. I decided to cosplay her since I really liked her character and her design, and I really wanted to challenge myself with prop making.

Costume Construction:

Jacket: The jacket was made out of a red suiting fabric and was fully lined. The black parts were made out of cotton sateen. The gold parts and white bow were made out of some scrap fabric I had lying around. The cord ends were made out of model magic.

Skirt: The skirt was made out of some cotton I had lying around. The way her skirt is pleated changes depending on what reference picture you're looking at, but I decided to go with a box pleat. The one challenging thing about making the skirt was figuring out how to sew the ruffle trim on without creating a seam line and while still giving the allusion of being a separate layer underneath the main body of the skirt.

Socks: The socks were made out of a four-way stretch knit. I made leggings out of a flesh tone stretch fabric which I then attached the socks to in order to help them stay up.

Accessories: The hair bow was made out of the same black fabric as the skirt and jacket details, and the white part of the bow was made out of the same fabric as the skirt details. It was attached onto the wig using a hair clip. The boots were purchased from Payless.

Wig Styling:

The wig was purchased from Arda from their old Silky collection. I pulled it up into a ponytail and attached a wig clip for the ponytail. The bangs were trimmed and the ahoge was styled using hairspray.


The gun was a bit of a learning experience for me. It was the first time I had attempted a larger prop on my own and it was my first foray at using worbla. Overall, I'm quite happy with it. I wish I had smoothed it out a bit more, however I was super time constrained to get it done before Otakuthon so I had to cut my sanding short.