Shishido Ryo

Character Name: Shishido Ryo
Series: Prince of Tennis
Outfit: Hyotei Regular Tennis Uniform

Started: October 2006
Finished: October 2006
Hours to make: 16
Cost of materials: approx. $31 (Can.)
Status: Retired
Worn at: At home

General Comments:

Hyotei is my favorite team in Prince of Tennis and Shishido is one of my favorite characters. I'd been debating whether or not to cosplay him for a while. My friend, Hamano Ayumi said she was going to cosplay Ohtori and asked me if I'd cosplay Shishido with her. I already had most of the costume, so I figured why not?

I was going to finish my Hyotei jacket for this cosplay, but I still haven't gotten around to that. Apart from that, there wasn't much I needed to do. All I needed to buy the hat and the wig. I had everything else from my Gakuto cosplay and I already had medical tape for the bandage on his eyebrow.