Stellar Loussier (Civilian)

Character Name: Stellar Loussier
Series: Gundam SEED Destiny
Outfit: Civilian outfit

Started: December 2005
Finished: March 2006
Hours to make: 13
Cost of materials: forgot to keep track
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2006

General Comments:

I really enjoyed Gundam SEED Destiny and I immediately felt drawn to Stellar's character. I'd been itching to do someone from GSD for a while, so Stellar was my first choice. I chose to do her civilian outfit first because it appeared more simple to make than her military one and cheaper.

Costume Construction:

Dress: The first thing I had to do after looking at a bunch of reference pictures was figure out how I'd get the dress on and off. The top blue part is put together in a very odd way, so I had to sketch that out a couple of times before I figured out how that would work in real life. There didn't seem to be any place I could put a zipper since the back was bare, so in the end, I decided to use a lot of snaps.

The blue material was some sort of cotton. I don't remember what the white was, but I really liked the material. The purple on the dress was thick bias tape and the purple material around the ankles was a polyester I had lying around.

Shoes: I had the hardest time trying to find decently priced white pumps. I eventually found a cheap pair at Village des Valeurs.

Wig Styling:

My wig was orginally a shoulder length wig, which was then styled accordingly. I found that there really wasn't enough wig fiber in the wig, so I bought some extentions and tried my luck with them. I personally like the wig turned out in the end. It was my first time trying to make extensions, so I'm proud of the end results.