Stellar Loussier (Military)

Character Name: Stellar Loussier
Series: Gundam SEED Destiny
Outfit: Military OMNI Uniform

Started: September 2005
Finished: July 2006
Hours to make: 10
Cost of materials: approx. $77 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2006

General Comments:

Stellar was one my favorite characters from GSD almost right away. After cosplaying her civilian dress, I decided I wanted to do her military uniform as well. A good part of the jacket was rushed, so I'm really not to fond of this costume. I also never got a chance to remake my ZAFT belt.

Costume Construction:

The skirt was the first thing I made since it was the easiest. I made it out of a light cotton. The pleats on the skirt aren't fabulous, but I like the way it came out. I can't remember what kind of fabric I made the jacket out of. The red was made out of some leftover fabric and the black and white lines were bias tape. I couldn't figure out how the jacket was supposed to close (and I'm still not sure). I was finishing it up the night before I was going to leave for Otakon, so I ended up using a snap and some velcro. It doesn't hold all that well, but it served its purpose in the short run.

The boots were boot covers because I didn't have another 40 or so dollars to blow on a pair of boots that I'd end up having to modify anyway. I actually kind of liked the way they came out. They were a pain in the ass to try and sit down on the floor in though. I made the top part of the boots out of cardboard covered in white material so they would stay standing up.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make a new ZAFT belt, so I had to use the one I made for my Athrun costume (which is hideous might I add). Also, by that time of summer, I was really tan, so the wig clashed with my skin more so than it usually does.