taffyta muttonfudge

Character Name: Taffyta Muttonfudge
Series: Wreck-it Ralph
Outfit: Default

Started: December 2012
Finished: May 2013
Hours to make: 64
Cost of materials: approx. $105 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2013

Wreck-it Ralph is such a cute movie and I knew I wanted to do someone from Sugar Rush since all of their outfits were super adorable. I chose to do Taffyta because I thought it'd be fun to cosplay someone who was kind of a bitch and because I thought recreating an outfit with all of the shiny pinks would be hilarious. My friend wanting to cosplay Vanellope sealed the deal.

I started with making the dress. I had originally wanted to use a sequin type fabric, but I ended up going for a silk tessa. The white squiggly line was painted on. The main pink of the jacket was made out of a shiny polyester. The white strips down the side is sewed on bias tape, the green part is some scrap cotton I had, and the bottom band was made out of some type of really nice stretchy fabric.

The tights were bought from Ardene and then I painted the stripes on using acrylic paint with a fabric medium. The gloves were made out of upholstry vinyl. The shoes were boots that I modified by cutting them down and then painting them and adding the white strips. The wig was bought from Fantasy Sheep on Taobao. Finally, the hat was made using out of papier mache and gesso, and was then painted and coated with glue and fake sugar. The leaf on top of the hat was made out of craft foam.