takeru (tk) takaishi

Character Name: Takeru (TK) Takaishi
Series: Digimon 02
Outfit: Default outfit

Started: December 2008
Finished: July 2009
Hours to make: 20
Cost of materials: approx. $50 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakuthon 2009

Digimon is one of those childhood shows that I can keep going back to and never get sick of. I brought up the idea of cosplaying Digimon together with a few friends about a year ago, and it somehow evolved into a full season 2 group. TK was an easy costume to make, although it's not the most flattering outfit on me.

The hat was made out of some leftover cotton twill I had lying around. I can't remember what type of material the shirt and shorts were made out of. The dogtag was a piece of craft foam. The shoe covers were made out of a knit, some interfacing and a thick gray elastic. The wig was bought off of ebay.

Patamon was made out of fleece. The black part of the paws were craft felt and the eyes and mouth were painted on by my friend. Wire was put into his ears/wings. unfortunately, I didn't give it enough support for them to be able to stand up on their own.