Tegoshi Yuya

Name: Tegoshi Yuya
Group: NEWS
Outfit: TEPPEN outfit

Started: January 2007
Finished: July 2007
Hours to make: 23
Cost of materials: approx. $118 (Can.)
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2007, Otakuthon 2007

Johnny's Entertainment was one of my longer running fandoms and NEWS was the first group I got into. I love with their TEPPEN outfits, and Tegoshi was my favorite member of the group, and this was the result of that. Although there are aspects of the costume that I don't particularily like the way I made them, overall, I think it turned out pretty well.

The two shirts were poorly made. Luckily, most of the crappy parts are hidden by the jacket and the scarf. I think the black one was made out of a polyester and the orange one was made out of twill. The white parts on the black shirt were painted on using fabric paint.

For the first time ever, I used a pattern to make something: the pants. I'm an incompetent retard who can't seem to pick out the right size pattern, because I ended up making them way too big. At that point, I didn't have the time or patience to do some major modifying, so I just used a belt to keep them from falling.

The jacket was made out of polyester. I'm really happy with the way it came out. The bottom of it was coated in this fray-stopping liquid. (I didn't know how else to stop it from fraying after I cut the jagged edges.) The scarf was made out of leftover orange material and this really nice soft white cotton (I think it was cotton at least...). I'm not terribly fond with the way that came out. It's really uncomfortable to wear and it's not totally accurate. The glove thingy was made out of white scraps. It's literaly just a strip of material wrapped around my hand.

Dying the wig drove me up the wall, but I like the way it turned out. I was trying a new method of dying, so it took a lot longer than I expected. It aslo lost a lot of its smoothness which kinda pissed me off, but whatever. The haircut isn't all that accurate for the time period he wears this particular costume, but I was going to use it for another Tegoshi cosplay.