Tohru Honda

Character Name: Tohru Honda
Series: Fruits Basket
Outfit: Winter school uniform

Started: November 2004
Finished: June 2005
Hours to make: 7
Cost of materials: approx. $37 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: N/A

General Comments:

Tohru was a costume made out of sheer boredom. I wanted to make something that was fairly simple and I wanted to try my hand at a school uniform. Overall, I was satisfied with the finished product. The colour is a little darker than I would have liked it to be, and I probably could have made a better fabric choice.

Costume Construction:

Sailor Fuku: The blue part of the top and the skirt were made out of a dark blue knit. The skirt was my first attempt at pleats of any kind, and they turned out...okay. I didn't find sewing the blue components of the costume to be of any trouble. The white parts (the sleeve cuffs, collar and tie thingy) were made out of old school polo shirts. The blue stripes were bias tape.

Misc: I used a pair of school shoes and socks to finish the outfit off along with blue ribbon for my hair (which I never really bothered to put in my hair for pictures...)