Trucy Wright

Character Name: Trucy Wright
Series: Apollo Justice: Ace Atourney
Outfit: Default Magician outfit

Started: June 2008
Finished: August 2008
Hours to make: 37
Cost of materials: approx. $115 (Can.)
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakon 2008, Halloween 2008, Anime North 2009

I feel in love with her character design before I even played the game, and I'm so happy I really liked her character once I did. It was made very last minute which made me get lazy in a few areas, but I'll remake them eventually as I really like this costume. I also really wanted to make her Magic Panties, but I never got around to it.

The wig was bought off of ebay. It's a gorgeous wig, and I was sad I had to cut it. It still needs a bit of trimming at the back and I need to make the silver band that holds her ponytail together. The scarf was made out of scrap material I had lying around. I didn't make it long enough, so that's another thing that has to be redone.

All of the diamond props were made out of Model Magic and painted gold and green. The silver edge around the broach was made out of craft foam painted silver. The hat was made from scratch using a heavy interfacing. It was then covered on both sides with material. I'm really happy with the way it came out. <3 The base of the pouch was also made with a heavy interfacing. I wanted it to be fully functioning, but I didn't have time to figure out how that would work, so instead, it was put together in a rush.

The bottom part of the cape was a pain to sew together. The designs were all painted on, and the balls at the bottom are bells. I really like the cape, but I need to make it a bit tighter at the top as it kept slipping down my shoulders. I also need to resew the top part to make it more accurate.

I didn't really want to blow money on boots at the time, so I used some old half finished boot covers instead. They worked for the time being, but I think I want to invest in some real boots for next time.