Watanabe You

Character Name: Watanabe You
Series: Love Live! Sunshine!!
Outfit: Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare

Started: May 2017
Finished: August 2017
Hours to make: 65
Cost of materials: approx. $145 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2017, Otakon 2017

General Comments:

I will forever be idol trash and You is my LL!S!! best girl. This costume is so floofy and I love it.

Costume Construction:

Top: The top was made out of a white stretch cotton sateen and various blue fabrics from the bargain bin. I debated whether I should make the shirt open at the front (and make it like a real button down top), but I ended up putting an invisible zipper at the back instead.

Skirts: The skirts were made out blue cotton and fabric from the bargain bin at Fabricville. Both skirts were 2 circle skirts and hemmed with horsehair to give it a bit more volume. The frills were made out of white ribbon that was hand ruffled and hand sewn to the skirts. The circles on each skirt were hand painted. Finally the skirts were attached to the waistcoat/corset. There is also a petticoat underneath (made out of ribbon and tulle) to give the skirts more poof.

Shoes: The white heels were purchased on Aliexpress.

Accessories: The top hat was made out of the same blue as the bias tape and heavy interfacing. A mini hair comb was glued onto it in order to be able to attach it to the wig. The white headband was purchased on AliExpress. The collar was patterned using the top of a button down shirt. The bowtie and scrunchie were made out of the same blue as the bottom skirt and the circles were painted on.

Wig Styling:

The wig was purchased from Lucaille. The bangs and back of the wig were trimmed.