yugi muto

Character Name: Yugi Muto
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Outfit: Battle City Default

Started: November 2009
Finished: May 2010
Hours to make: 65
Cost of materials: approx. $220 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Anime North 2010, Otakon 2010, Otakuthon 2010

A friend of mine got me back into Yugioh after prodding me to watch the Abridged Series. I chose to do Yugi because I like him as a character, he's short, and I thought it would be a challenge. Overall, I think the costume turned out okay. I'm still not super happy with the blue fabric though.

The base of the wig was a Punky in burgundy. Extensions were added at the back and the black was all sharpied by hand. The five spikes were originally acheived using hairspray. I later painted them over in white glue so that it would be more durable and less fragile to transport. The bangs were made out of blond extensions. The shapes were achieved using white glue, clear tape and twist ties. The bangs were then glued onto the main part of the wig.

Trying to find the right blue material took me forever, and I'm still not wholely satisfied with what I chose. For one, the material doesn't breathe, so it gets really hot really fast. Also, the material doesn't really like to stretch, so the pants are fairly delicate if I don't wish to rip them. The white lining is a white stetch cotton, while the black shirt is made out of a cotton knit.

All of the belts and straps were made out of upholstery vinyl and were hand studded by me. The deck pouch was also made out of upholstery vinyl and it snaps onto the belt. The puzzle was made out of thin plywood, a wooden curtain ring, and Fimo clay. Finally, the Duel Disk was found on Cosplay.com's marketplace.