arya stark

Character Name: Arya Stark
Series: Game of Thrones
Outfit: Season 1 Winterfell Dress

Started: October 2012
Finished: September 2013
Hours to make: 33 hours
Cost of materials: approx. $87 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Montreal Comiccon 2013

I was originally only going to make Arya's King's Landing outfit, but a friend of mine wanted to cosplay Jon and do a winter shoot. I thought this would be more weather appropriate and would match better with her. That, and I wanted to make a cloak, lol. The majority of the costume was actually finished last winter. There were just a few details left on the cloak that needed to be finished up before it was technically completed.

The shirt, wig and shoes are the same ones I used/made for Arya's King's Landing outfit. My dad made Needle.

The dress was made out of linen and the sleeves are fully lined in faux fur. I can't remember what the cloak was made out of. The faux fur at the top of it was dyed and was pinned down using safety pins. The brown strips were made out of leather and then snap together at the back.