Black Lady

Character Name: Black Lady
Series: Sailor Moon
Outfit: Default

Started: December 2013
Finished: August 2014
Hours to make: 54
Cost of materials: approx. $222 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2014, Otakon 2017

General Comments:

Sailor Moon was the first anime that I ever saw as a child and will forever hold a special place in my heart. I'd been debating doing something from Sailor Moon for the past few years, and Black Lady was always one of the characters that kept coming up as a possibility, so I'm very happy I finally got off my ass and made this.

Costume Construction:

Top: The top was made out of voile. It was my first time really working with sheer fabric, so I experimented a bit with french seaming (which I am very happy to have finally learned how to do). The black parts of the top were made out of scraps of black cotton sateen I had lying around, and the gems were all hand sewn onto the fabric.

Dress: The dress fabric was the most difficult for me to decide on. I ended up layering a black chiffon on top of a heavy red satin to get the color effect I wanted. Unfortunately, it doesn't always show up in pictures (looking more black then black with red highlights), but overall I'm happy with it. The dress was lined with pink fabric (I don't remember specifically what kind). The blue under layer was made out of a blue costume organza.

Shawl: The shawl was made out of costume organza.

Accessories: The black crescent moon and the gold parts of the earrings were made out of Sculpey and the dangly parts of the earrings were made out of jewelry components I found spray painted black.

Wig Styling:

I had purchased a Black Lady wig which I then proceeded to take apart and remake. The placement of the pigtails were moved higher up on the wig and then stubbed. The wefts on the original odangos were harvested and then glued onto the foam bases that I sculpted/carved to get a better shape. The bangs were trimmed and styled so they got a more "anime" look to them. Finally, the side ear parts and the pigtails themselves were curled.


Luna P was made out of a bouncy ball I bought at the dollar store, covered in papier macher and gesso, and then painted.