Character Name: Diana
Series: Zero Time Dilemma
Outfit: Default

Started: May 2016
Finished: August 2016
Hours to make: 28
Cost of materials: approx. $200 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2016

General Comments:

I had actually planned this cosplay before playing the game. I was hedging my bets on the fact that I loved Luna in VLR and she was based on Diana, so chances were that I would like Diana too. Thankfully I was not wrong.

Costume Construction:

Shirt: The button down shirt was made out of a denim-like cotton. I ended up making the top sleeveless to avoid dying in the summer heat.

Sweater: The sweater is actually a last minute purchase I found at a thrift store as I had shipped the original sweater I'd ordered to an incomplete address and didn't get the replacement on time. The sleeves were cut and replaced by fake sleeve cuffs made out of some scrap yellow fabric and the same denim cotton used to make the button down shirt.

Skirt: The skirt is actually three layers. There's the petticoat underneath, and then the main skirt is two layers. The bottom layer is made out of a cheap fabric whose sole purpose was to create a separate layer for the lace underneath. The top layer is a bit of a bit of a patchwork.

Shoes: The base shoes were bought at Ardene. I painted the blue stripes on the front. The bows were made out of some scrap navy fabric, blue buttons, and white embroidery thread. They were glue gunned on to the front of the shoes.

Accessories: The flower hair accessories were made from a dollar store bouquet and the hair branch was made out of Model Magic and a large flat bead. The tights were purchased from AliExpress.

Wig Styling:

The wig was purchased off of Epic Cosplay Wigs. The wig was trimmed and partially pulled back into a braid.


I bought the limited edition of the game that came with the watch, so I was banking on using that as a prop. However, with the massive fuck up that happened, I ended up having to scramble to put one together myself. The base pieces are made out of foam covered in worbla. The screws are made out of Sculpey. The cord was made out of thick elastic that was colored grey with marker. Everything was glue gunned together.