Kougyoku Ren

Character Name: Kougyoku Ren
Series: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Outfit: Default

Started: September 2014
Finished: September 2014
Hours to make: 75
Cost of materials: approx. $223 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Anime USA 2014

General Comments:

I've always really liked Kougyoku's design, even before I started the series, so it automatically went on my to do list once I started the series and she ended up being one of my favorite characters. This ended up being my "I need to keep myself busy during my month of vacation" project, and unfortunately, there are a few parts that were kind of rushed (specifically the wig) which I'm not terribly happy with.

Costume Construction:

Base shirt (?): The base layer of the shirt (?) is made out of a cream colored peau de soie. It's lined with a heavy satin that was originally going to be the top layer of the top and the ruffles were attached to the satin lining.

Skirts: The skirt is composed of four layers (not including the pink part). Underneath is a hoop skirt and then a layer of tule. I kind of cheaped out on the hoop skirt since I didn't want to drop a ton of money on boning, and ended up using tubing from the hardware store. It wasn't a perfect solution and needs a bit of tweaking before I wear it again. The reddish pink layer was a circle skirt and was made out of viscose. The green parts are all made out of crepe. The green skirt part is a partial circle skirt. The black parts were made out of scraps of cotton sateen. The circles were stenciled and then painted on the fabric.

Petal layers: The pink petal layers are made out of a stretch taffyta (the darker parts). The lighter pink parts were made out of Karin's old dress.