Character Name: Lippti
Series: Radiant Historia
Outfit: Default

Started: April 2017
Finished: July 2018
Hours to make: 73
Cost of materials: approx. $400 CAD
Status: Active
Worn at: Otakuthon 2018

General Comments:

Radiant Historia was introduced to me by my bf through the remake. I ended up really enjoying it and I loved Lippti's character design. In typical me fashion, that was enough to decide to cosplay her even though she's a super minor character.

Overall, I'm happy with the overall look of the costume. I didn't think my fabric choices through for the dress though. There's something like 12 meters of fabric in it, so it ended up being way too heavy. I had to keep pulling it up and I was super stressed it was gonna fall. Funny enough, I thought this would be a relatively cheap and easy costume to bang out, and it ended up being the most time consuming and most expensive costume of 2018.

Costume Construction:

Dress: The dress is made in two layers. The base layer is a purple microfiber that I really liked and then the top layer is a really pretty chiffon that I found. The dress was super time consuming to make only because it's probably the equivalent of like...2-3 circle skirts which took forever to measure out, cut, and then sew together (and I had two layers to do). The dress was then pleated at the top in an attempt to give it a sort of pleated effect. The dress zips up at the back with an invisible zipper

Cape: The base of the cape was made out of the same fabrics as the dress (base layer using the microfiber and the top layer was the chiffon). The grey/silver detailing was made out of a matte satin. The designs were appliqued on. I wanted to satin stitch it down, but I was afraid it would be too much stress on the chiffon, so I carefully traced around the edges with fabric glue to try and further help prevent any fraying.

Gold band: The gold band was made out of eva foam. It was then coated in Plasti dip (black and then the gold metalizer).

Accessories: The elf ears are the Large Anime Elf ears from Aradani. The headband was a headband covered with the chiffon fabric. Unfortunately, I lost the headband before taking pictures, so I'll have to remake it if I ever wear this again.

Wig Styling:

The wig is a Silky Venus in Nutmeg from Arda Wigs. I used a piece of quilting batting as the base for the front "braided" bit. The batting had exensions sewn around it, which was then sewn into the base wig. The ribbon was sewn to the wig where it starts at the top to prevent it from completely falling down.