watanabe you

Character Name: Watanabe You
Series: Love Live! Sunshine!!
Outfit: Granblue Fantasy collab

Started: December 2018
Finished: August 2019
Hours to make: ___
Cost of materials: approx. $225 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakuthon 2019

General Comments:

I was so excited when this collaboration was announced. Aqourus in a fantasy setting with cool new outfits? Hell yes! This was such a no brainer to put on my to-do list.

What I didn't realize until I really sat down and started analyzing her outfit was that it makes zero sense. Trying to piece everything together (especially her shorts and cape shorts) was a bit of a challenge. Overall, I'm not crazy happy with the end results. There are definitely several parts that could have been constructed better / in a more flattering way, but I was cutting it too close to the convention I planned on initially wearing it at to remake it. At this point, I've fallen out of fandom and don't think I'll remake it.

Costume Construction:

Top/corset: My original plan for the top/corset was to make it as a one piece body suit to prevent scrunching and so that I'd be able to snap the shorts onto it to prevent the weight of the semi-cape from making them fall down. I started working on this costume later than I should have and didn't end up having the time to figure out the logistics of how that would work properly. In the end, they ended up being separate pieces which gave it a much messier look. The corset should have been reinforced with better boning which may have helped clean the sillouhette up.

The white top is made by modifying a dress short pattern and out of stretch suiting and the gold trim was made out of some scrap satin I had lying around. The corset was made out of a blue cotton (I don't remember what kind specifically anymore), lined with a black matte satin. The back snaps together.

Jacket: The jacket was made out of the same base fabrics as the top/corset and a dark navy suiting fabric. The sleeves are detachable and are attached with suspender snaps. The should pad was made out of thick interfacing covered in red pleather and gold fringe.

Shorts/shorts cape: The shorts and shorts cape(?) were made out of the same base materials as the top, corset, and jacket. In an attempt to keep the shorts from falling, they snap onto the corset. The anchors (of which one of them I lost before the shoot) were made out of foam clay.

Accessories: The belt was made out of thick interfacing covered with red pleather. The gold buckle was made using scraps of worbla. The tie was made using the same blue fabric as the rest of the costume and snaps together at the front. The jewel was made out of Worbla Crystal Art and foam clay.

Finally, the hat was made out of thick interfacing for the base, and then covered in the same fabrics that were used for the rest of the costume. The gold trim was made by braiding together thinner gold cord, and wire was inserted into the bow to make it defy gravity.

Boots: The boots were made out of a white pleather and the same base materials as the rest of the costume.

Wig Styling:

This is the same You wig I used for my other You cosplays. The wig was purchased from Lucaille. The bangs and back of the wig were trimmed.


I always procrastinate making props and as such, never have enough time to really do what I want with them. This was also my first time using Worbla Crystal Art and learning about its limitations which wasted a lot of time.

The gun was made out of foam mat sheets, EVA foam sheets, foam clay, and Transpa Art/Worbla Crystal Art. After drawing the general shape out, the base of the gun shape was made out of layered foam mat sheets. A dremmel was used to smooth out the edges. The "clear" blue parts were made out of a mix of dyed Worbla Crystal Art and Transpa Art. The top layer of the gun was made using foam sheets, and then the detailing was done using foam clay. The gun was sealed with PlastiDip and painted.