Character Name: Zuko
Series: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Outfit: Book 3 Default

Started: July 2010
Finished: August 2010
Hours to make: 46
Cost of materials: approx. $180 CAD
Status: Retired
Worn at: Otakuthon 2010, Anime Boston 2011

I finally got around to watching Avatar: TLA this past spring and I got hooked on the series almost immediately. I chose to cosplay Zuko because he's one of my favorite characters, and also because I wanted to experiment with liquid latex. In addition, I wanted to get the costume done by Otakuthon because I really wanted to get pictures by the fire and steam fountain by the Palais de Congres (where Otakuthon is held). Due to wanting to get it done in such a short amount of time, there are some parts of the costume that were kind of rushed and that will be remade before I wear it again.

I believe the main red for the pants and shirt, as well as the brown material for the coat thing are made out of some sort of polyester blends. I originally wanted to use some sort of cotton, but I couldn't find anything that drapped the way I wanted it to. The darker red trim on the shirt is made with bias tape and the yellow trim is yellow thread with a zigzag stitch on zero. The orange parts are all made out of a cotton, while the belt/sash has a layer of interfacing and snaps together at the back.

The boots were made completely from scratch using two layers of a black cotton knit, two strips of the orange cotton, leather, and wire. I added a bit of a cushion inside of the boots using a layer of thick interfacing sandwiched between two pieces of foam. Furthermore, the boots were made to accomodate height increasing insoles. I made the soles a bit too big. Consequently, they aren't the most comfortable shoes to wear since my feet keep slipping inside. In addition, the boots themselves slipped forward a bit during the day which ended up ripping holes at the back. Despite all of this, I'm still very proud of my first attempt at making any kind of footwear from scratch.

The wig was bought off of ebay. As mentioned before, the scar was made using liquid latex. I used this great tutorial to give me an idea of how to go about making it. Finally, the swords were made mostly out of scrap materials from other projects. Even though they aren't fantastic, I'm very proud of them since it was the first large prop were I did almost all of the work.