contact lenses review: Princess Pinky Twilight Blue

Purchased From: Pinky Paradise
Brand: ???
Series: Princess Pinky Twilight
Color: Blue

Color: 5/5
These contacts are a gorgeous shade of light blue. They are super opaque, so the color is visible on dark eyes, and they are very visible from a distance. Due to the brightness of the color, they lean much more towards the unatural-looking side of the color spectrum.

Comfort: 1/5
I don't know if I got a bad pair or what, but these were probably the least comfortable pair of contacts I've ever worn. My vision was constantly fuzzy/blurry, and it felt like my eyes dried up faster while wearing them.

Enlargement: 1/5
I wasn't looking to enlarge my eyes with these contacts, so in that respect, I was very happy with them. These contacts will keep your eyes approximately the same size they already are.

See contacts in action: Irene Adler