contact lenses review: EOS Dolly Eyes Violet

Purchased From: Pinky Paradise
Brand: EOS
Series: Dolly Eyes
Color: Violet

Color: 4.5/5
These contacts are an opaque color, so they come out very nicely on dark eyes. The color is visible from a relative distance. Due to the opaque nature and the black outer rim, these contacts should not be used if you're trying to go for a more natural look.

Comfort: 4/5
I've found that Dolly Eyes contacts are generally quite comfortable, and this has been my most comfortable pair to date. Immediately after putting them in, there is a bit of bluriness around the edges, but that goes away after a bit of time.

Enlargement: 4/5
These contacts will give you a nice enlargement effect.

See contacts in action: Twilight Sparkle