Wigs & Extensions Reviews

The list is divided up between online stores, eBay sellers and Taobao stores. Below the store/seller name is a list of all the products I've bought from them and a short review for each one. Products purchased that are identical in all but color will be listed under one item. Color codes/names are in brackets after the wig name. Any discrepancies between them will be noted.

Last updated: April 2, 2018

Online Stores


Wigs: Esther (2)

Arda Wigs

Other: Hairbun (black)
Other: Long Curly Clip SILKY (nutmeg)
Wigs: Chibi (black)
Wigs: Eowyn SILKY (nutmeg)
Wigs: Imladris (powder blue)
Wigs: Luthien SILKY (bleach blonde)

Clair Hair

Wigs: Cliona (4)

Cosworx/Cosplay.com Shop

Wigs: Angela 750 (1, dark green)
Wigs: Cher 950 (1)
Wigs: Pat (2)
Wigs: Punky (39)
Wigs: Tina 950 (24B)

Epic Cosplay Wigs

Wigs: Eros (autumn orange)
Wigs: Nyx (black)
Wigs: Persephone (black, dark red)
Wigs: Phoebe (white)

L-email Cosplay Wig

Wigs: Persona 5 Makoto Niijima


Wigs: Orange Side Parting
Wigs: Vampire Knight Ichijou Takuma

Ebay Sellers

Clair Beauty

Wigs: A011-1 (Brown)

Cosplay Wig

Wigs: 32" 80CM long straight (golden orange)


Wigs: FULL LACE FRONT #9170 (#4)

Vogue Builder

Wigs: 28" 70cm Long Straight (dark purple)

Taobao Stores


Wigs: Hetalia Axis Powers Spain
Wigs: Sailor Moon Black Lady


Wigs: DRRR Ryugamine Mikado
Wigs: Hakuouki Hijikata Toshizo
Wigs: Party Wig 70cm (Blue-Black)
Wigs: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kaname Madoka

Eve Studio

Wigs: Gorgeous Burgundy Long Wig 80cm
Wigs: Gorgeous Burgundy Long Wig 100cm

Fantasy Sheep

Wigs: XSP-009 80cm (F-04)
Wigs: SP#003 40cm


Wigs: APH Austria
Wigs: Love Live! Sunshine!! Watanabe You

Mei Li Fang

Wigs: Usui Takumi

Mu Cos

Wigs: Aisaka Taiga/APH Hungary