wig review: Esther

Seller's Name: Amphigory
Wig Brand: Anytime Collection
Wig Style: Esther
Colour: 2
Fiber: Toyokalon/Kanekalon blend
Skin Top: Yes
Heat Resistant: No

Comments: Right out of the bag, I was pleasantly surprised with this wig. The fibers are very soft and the wig is nice and thick. There is also a comb at the front of the wig to help you keep it on. The wig does tangle fairly easily though. It should also be noted that this wig is not ideal for heavy styling. There are shorter layers of hair interspersed in the wig, and the way the wefts are sewn in require the wig fibers to either lay the way they are or to be trained towards the back. Trying to shift them any other way will lead to the mesh showing.

Wig Unstyled (how it came):

Used For: Will be used for fem!Tony Stark/Iron Man
Modifications Made: N/A