wig review: sailor moon black lady

Seller's Name: Ayanamisatoru (eBay | Taobao)
Wig Style: Sailor Moon Black Lady
Colour: Pink
Fiber: High Quality Japanese Synthetic
Skin Top: Yes (back part)
Heat Resistant: Yes

Comments: Honestly, unless you happen to have the exact size head the pigtails are tied to, there's no way this wig will look good on you straight out of the bag. Even after taking the ponytails apart, the wig will probably *just* fit my head. Just as an FYI if you plan on deconstructing the wig, the odango are sewn into place and tied with an elastic (and are fairly easy to take out). The pigtails are not clip-ons as I originally thought (they're a bit thinner). The base wig has a lot of short fibers inside, I'm guessing to make it easier to make the pigtails lie flat.

Wig Unstyled (how it came):

Used For: Black Lady
Modifications Made: The wig was taken apart. The pigtails were stubbed. The wefts on the original odangos were harvested and then glued down the foam core that I shaped. The bangs were cut and the side hair and pigtails were curled.