wig review: Cliona

Seller's Name: Clair Hair
Wig Brand: Modu
Wig Style: Cliona
Colour: 4
Fiber: Synthetic (not specified)
Skin Top: No
Heat Resistant: No

Comments: I really like this wig. The curls give the wig a nice volume without being too poofy. The fibers are a bit rougher (but not in a bad way!) which I found made it easier to do any styling with it.

Wig Unstyled (how it came):

Used For: Gwen and Irene Adler
Modifications Made: For Gwen, I flattened the top down a bit and then pinned the back up with bobby pins.
For Irene, I straightened the wig with a hair straightener on the lowest setting. The hair was fairly coarse which made it easier to pin up at the back. While pinning the back up, I encorporated a piece of fabric to give it more volume.