wig review: tina 950

Seller's Name: Cosplay.com Shop (Previously known as Cosworx)
Wig Brand: New Look
Wig Style: Tina 950
Colour: 24B
Fiber: Eleora (modacrylic fiber)
Skin Top: Yes (circle in center; a bit bigger than just a coin top)
Heat Resistant: No

Comments: I'm really not a fan of this wig in most part because I hate the fibers used in New Look wigs. At full length, the wig tangles easily. If you're planning on doing an updo with this wig, I would recommend getting a pack of wefts to go with it to hide the mesh peaking through.

Wig Unstyled (how it came):
No pictures available.

Used For: Hanazono Karin and Ushiromiya Jessica
Modifications Made: For Karin, no modifications were made.
For Jessica, the wig was cut to around shoulder length. The excess was used to create wefts. The wig was then stubbed and the foam core method was used to create the ponytail with the wefts that were made.