wig review: angela 750

Seller's Name: Cosplay.com Shop (Previously known as Cosworx)
Wig Brand: New Look
Wig Style: Angela 750
Colour: 1, Dark Green
Fiber: Eleora (modacrylic fiber)
Skin Top: Yes (center front)
Heat Resistant: No

Comments: I'm not a huge fan of this wig mostly because I hate the fibers used in New Look wigs. The fibers in the black (1) wig were more tolerable to work with than the one in the Dark Green wig. The versatility the large skin top offers is nice, especially if you plan on doing major styling work with it.

Wig Unstyled (how it came):
No pictures available.

Used For: Anise Tatlin (1) and Sothe (Dark Green)
Modifications Made: For Anise, the bangs were trained to the front and then cut. The back of the wig was parted and extensions were sewn in. The wig was then stubbed and the pigtails were added using the foam core method and additional wefts.

For Sothe, the part was trained to the side. The wig was then cut. I tried to dye the wig a few shades darker, but I honestly don't think it made a differenct.