wig review: phoebe

Seller's Name: Epic Cosplay Wigs
Wig Brand: Epic Cosplay Wigs
Wig Style: Phoebe
Colour: White
Fiber: Heat-resistant fibers
Skin Top: Yes
Heat Resistant: Yes

Comments: This wig is super soft and thick. I love EpicCosplay's fibers. I find the base ponytail to be heavy and it pulls the wig backwards when on the head.

Wig Unstyled (how it came):

Used For: Gwendolyn
Modifications Made: I took down the base ponytail and redid it to better fit my head and to pull it a bit tighter. I then stubbed the ponytail to reduce the weight at the back of the wig. I took the ponytail apart for the wefts. Half of the wefts were used to cover a carved out styrofoam ball to create a bun. The bun was glued onto the stubbed ponytail. The second half of the harvested ponytail wefts were sewed together and braided, which was then wrapped around and glued to the bun. Finally, the bangs were trimmed.