wig review: persona 5 makoto niijima

Seller's Name: L-email Wig
Wig Style: Persona 5 Makoto Niijima
Colour: Brown
Fiber: Heat resistant
Skin Top: Yes (Coin top)
Heat Resistant: Yes

Comments: This is a decent wig considering how cheap it was. The wig is very soft and has a an ok thickness to it. Unlike the stock picture, the bangs come uncut so you will have to style it yourself. The hairbraid is glued onto the wig. It's glued on at a bit of an awkward place if you're cutting the bangs and trying to tuck the back of the wig behind your ears.

Wig Unstyled (how it came):

Used For: Niijima Makoto
Modifications Made: The front and side bangs were cut to the appropriate lengths. The back was lightly straightened to get rid of some of the curl and the back was trimmed.