wig review: 28" 70cm long straight

Seller's Name: Vogue Builder
Wig Style: 28" 70cm Long Straight
Colour: Dark Purple
Fiber: Japanese Kanekalon
Skin Top: Yes
Heat Resistant: No

Comments: The actual color of the wig is a lighter, more saturated purple than what is depicted in the stock photo. The wig also has a rectangular skin top at the top center of the wig which makes it a bit difficult to part/style in a particular direction. The wig is a nice thickness considering the price and length, the wig cap is a good size, and I like the fiber texture.

Wig Unstyled (how it came):

Used For: Aura Blackquill
Modifications Made: I bought two of the same wig. The first one was used as a base and the second one was used to harvest wefts off of. Wefts were sewn around the edge of the base wig and wefts were also added to the bangs. The rest of the wefts were used to cover the foam piece that was used to make the bunny ears.